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This week we will be featuring the music of That Petrol Emotion. I’m not sure why they never broke through like other mid-80’s British alternative acts like New Order, The Jesus and Mary Chain, or The Cure. They had a unique sound that was generally accessible and had enough pop sensibilities to turn out the occasional radio-friendly single.

That Petrol Emotion

That Petrol Emotion rose from the ashes of The Undertones, a perfectly decent band that became much better once they booted Feargal Sharkey and renamed themselves. Albums such as Babble, Manic Pop Thrill, and End of the Millenium Psychosis Blues are generally awesome rock records full of energy and passion. Like so many other bands, the longer they were together the poorer the product became ending with the limp Fireproof.

However limp their last album or two were, the majority of their recorded work hit incredibly great heights and you ought to listen to them as often as possible. For starters, listen to the radio stream this week.

To listen, go to and click the link in the upper right.

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    • Reamann on 2008/08/15 at 04:10
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    i’ve just come across your site today and feel strongly that your comments about our last few records are very unfair – it sure makes me think you have never heard them properly – indeed if you take the time to speak to any true petrols fans and canvass their opinions they will tell you that the last three releases (Chemicrazy,Fireproof and the live record Final Flame) are in fact the band at their absolute zenith best and a that period in the live arena TPE were acknowledged as being unsurpassed.Please look at the reviews on if you dont believe me. Thanks for writing about the band all the same and i hope you will reconsider and revise your opinions someday.

    Reamann O Gormain That Petrol emotion

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