I Have a New Bicycle

I have been bike riding a lot this year. Unfortunately, I’ve been doing it all on streets using my trusty Giant Rincon mountain bike.

The Rincon has treated my well when I’ve taken it off road, but it kind of sucks as a street machine. And since I’m currently more interested in distance riding, it was time for a new bike.

Without getting into boring detail, I settled on the Cannondale Adventure 400. It’s a hybrid bike, meaning it is mostly meant for use on roads but it can handle a little bit of off road cycling as well. And since I’ve added the Central Canal Towpath and it’s crushed gravel terrain to my riding trails, I opted for the hybrid class of bike.


I’ve only spent about 30 minutes on it (about 15 minutes at the bike store, 15 in the neighborhood). So far, all I can say is the the bike is extremely comfortable. Much more so than the Giant.

Being 6’7″, I got the Jumbo sized frame which seems fine for my longs legs.

I also added:

A water bottle holder: Trek Bat Cage

A saddle bag: Saddle Bag

And a cyclocomputer: Trek Cyclo Computer

I’m most geeked up about the cyclocomputer. It can tell you the time, the weather, current/average/maximum speed, and an odometer. The only thing better than this woudl be the wireless model and the Garmin models with GPS built in. But I didn’t feel like paying $300 more for the Garmin. I ain’t that hardcore.

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