Elevator ButtonsI somehow get giddy when I come across an elevator whose “Close Door” buttons actually work. I’m not sure why they are disabled in most elevators. However, once I come across one where the buttons work, I make a point of pushing the “Close Door” button.

I’m not entirely sure of the point of the “Open Door” button though. I don’t think I want the door to open as I’m whizzing up 20 stories in 30 seconds.

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    • randE on 2007/10/21 at 13:31
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    The “open door” button is there so that… when you see someone racing toward the door carrying 8 shopping bags you can feign attempts to push it and mouth “i’m sorry i’m sorry” at them as the door closes. Looks like you tried, but saves you having to actually ride up with them and their filthy stench.

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