Jan 02

Tragicomic Post of the Year.

Already 2 days in to 2008, and I think this might already be the funniest thing I’ll see all year. It was posted by Lord of Monkeys on the indianapolismusic.net message boards. He added a subtitle to the following picture that Fake Meat posted.

Pakistani Jolson

 I’d walk a million miles for one of your smiles……
Al Jolson


  1. person

    how the FUCK do you find that funny you inconsiderate dickhole? that guy probably just lost a family member and you FUCKIN FIND IT FUNNY…

    you’re probably just a fatass sitting on a computer who pisses his pants everytime he gets a paper cut…you’d probably shit out boulders if you actually say a bomb blast…

    FUCKING have a nice day.

  2. Dr Zammad Chishti

    Alas!!!!!! The moment when there was no one left to support the nation.

  3. Khan

    what id funny thing in this…..you don’t have mind
    you are sick !!!!

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