Some Things for fans of the New England Patriots.

Bellicheck Failure

 And this one is my favorite:



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    • FireDannyAinge on 2007/11/03 at 01:21
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    Did you know the Jets were caught doing the same video taping the Patriots did last year and that the NFL did nothing about it.?
    No you don’t because the media never reported it and the Patriots never whined about it.

    • Harrison on 2007/11/22 at 00:55
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    Make fun of them all you want but they are 10-0 and your beloved Colts are looking pretty bad!

    • GoPats on 2008/12/11 at 16:21
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    How can colts fans say that. Last I checked, the colts have never gone 18-1. The colts couldn’t even get to the AFC championship game!

    • this webpage is gay on 2009/12/16 at 16:29
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    We’re sore losers? you have enough hate to make this. get a life, colts suck. Cupcake teams. Homo

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