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Deutsch Klub IndianapolisIt’s rather poorly advertised (we’re working on that!), but there is a weekly dinner of German speaking residents of Indianapolis. Not all participants are German. Many Americans (like me) attend in order to practice German. About half of the weekly attendants are German and about half are American or other non-native German speakers. We have members from Mexico, Peru, Poland, Turkey and other countries who regularly attend.

At the beginning of each week, an e-mail is sent out informing everyone where the Wednesday dinner will be. The e-mail is also a reminder to RSVP so that the correct number of seats can be reserved at the restaurant. You can always see upcoming restaurants by visiting the Deutsch Klub website ( Dinners almost always take place at local restaurants and it’s a great opportunity to sample not only many of the restaurants in Indianapolis but many of the ethnic restaurants that have popped up over the past few years. 

In order to join in, sign up at the website. If you don’t live in the Indianapolis area but are just visiting on a Wednesday night, feel free to stop in. It seems that there is someone new almost every week.

 Ich haette alles hier auf Deutsch schreiben sollen, aber als Amerikaner, ist mein Duetsch sicher nicht gut genug alles auf Duetsch zu sagen.

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