My Must-Have Windows Mobile Apps

HTC MogulI got a Windows Mobile phone a few months ago. I’ve had to reinstall everything twice – once after I had to replace the phone when it wouldn’t recharge the battery anymore and once when I did a firmware upgrade.

 Each time I had to remember what I had installed on the phone and then make a mad search across the Internet to download everything. So in order to save myself time, I’m posting the following list. The list was generated because a coworker just got a Windows Mobile phone and wanted to know what apps I used.

I like the HTC Task Manager. Windows Mobile 6 doesn’t really have a task manager worth a darn – this lets you easily switch between apps and (more importantly) kill apps once you are done with them.

You’ll want Google Maps for Mobile. I just SMS myself the link and install it that way.

Windows Live Search is good too.

Yahoo! Go 3.0 seems very promising.

Did your phone come with Opera? If not, buy it. It smokes the built in IE browser. It’s the only software I’ve purchased for my phone.

MSN Mobile is a good one too. You can easily browse current news and watch some weak video while waiting in the Dr.’s office.

TCPMP is a better audio player than the built in Windows Media Player. For example, with TCPMP you can stream Shoutcast radio stations.

If you want to share your phone’s Internet connection with your friends via your phones built-in WiFi connection, then install this little utility. It turns your phone into an access point so people with laptops in your vicinity can surf the internet wirelessly via your phone. Preety sweet.

Need to access your PC’s Desktop from your phone? Remote Dektop for Windows Mobile is what you need.

Might as well get Kevtris, a Tetris clone.

Do you Skype? If so, it also will work on your phone.

Macromedia Flash Payer 7 is probably needed.

I need to find a good FTP client… 

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  1. Good list! I really have to try that WiFi Router thing.

    For me, I gotta have:
    – Skyfire – Best mobile browser
    – Google Maps Mobile
    – PocketCM Contact Manager
    – GSPlayer for streaming ShoutCAST on my phone to my cars stereo
    – Vista Battery Meter
    – DashWire – OTA backup/sync
    – Slick – Multiplatform IM client. Kinda like Trillian for WM.
    – TomTom Navigation

    And others.. I just cant remember right now.

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