May 16

I got a logo!

I’ve been using an androgynous cyborg as my icon for a few years now. It was simply one I found knowing one day I’d need a better one. I liked it because it was clearly a cyborg and it’s tough to tell if it is male or female.

But since I didn’t create it, I didn’t have a strong emotional attachment to it. It also wasn’t “iconic”. I’ve always wanted a brand icon. The other day the following popped into my head. It’s most assuredly not the most original and may very well be similar to other ones out there. If I come across one that it resembles far too closely then I’ll tweak it a bit. So until then, the following is the new, official flinchböt icon.


  1. Lane Smythe

    How do I map to your f: drive?

    1. flinchböt

      I’d start by cooking me dinner, a nice wine, and soft music.

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