Lync News 1.6 Available

Just got the e-mail from Microsoft that version 1.6 of Lync News has been approved and published. It’ll take a little while still to make it to the Marketplace (most likely when I wake up in the morning. Here is the direct link to the app for Windows Phone and here is the Android link.

As of this writing, the app has been downloaded 1,261 times on Windows Phone and a surprisingly low 314 times for the Android version. I know this is wildly unscientific, but I would have imagined those numbers in the reverse. Maybe Windows Phone has a future…

Here are the new features in this release:

Added Latest Articles section which shows the latest updates from all blogs.

In order to do this, I’m using the free service from It aggregates the list of blogs and then further filters them by articles that include the word “Lync”. So far it’s been pretty good but it doesn’t consistently load. I’ll keep an eye on it and adjust it as best I can. One of the reviews complained that in the v1 app you never knew if there were fresh articles on a given blog. Hopefully this will address that concern.
Added Google News section which filters Google News for Lync articles.

This is a simple search filter against all of Google News for the terms “Microsoft Lync” and “Lync”. It’s a less reliable source of quality Lync news than the Latest Articles section above but I thought I’d give it a shot.

Added feeds from flinchböt and

The first is my blog. Hey – it’s my app I can add what I want! I post little tips and tricks I come across as a Lync admin so it is actually a relevant addition. was added by request of blog owner Ståle Hansen. I take requests!

I have come up with plenty of ideas to expand this app but it will require me to break out my very rusty coding skills. I won’t announce yet what I envision for version 2 as that may never happen. (This app is simply done via AppMakr). Until then, thanks for using it and please provide either a review or post some feedback here.

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  1. Hi Kevin, I have done 2 deployments and one of them I foewlold your method and the other I deployed in the Internal LAN where XMPP server is in the same Subnet as Lync FE and created static routing for Edge to communicate with XMPP and also added the required FQDNs in the hosts files however in both cases I have the same problem.First day everything works great but next day presence goes and I have to restart the service on XMPP in order for it to work again.I have checked if there’s any hotfixes and applied it but nothing has changed! is still a known issue ? and is there any work around ?thanks

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