Lync News 2.1 Released

I just got the e-mail from Microsoft that version 2.1 of Lync News has been approved. It should show up sometime in the next 24 hours as an update in the Marketplace.

The direct link to download the app is right here or check the Marketplace for the update if you already have it installed.

The major new feature is a new tools icon in the bottom left of the app. For now it has three links:

  • Lync Press – This is a site handled by which collects all of the #Lync twitter and my custom feed and presents them in a newspaper format. This is a good way to get a daily recap.
  • Test Lync Connectivity – This is a link to The display is a little wonky on Windows Phone but it does work.
  • Find Lync Apps on Marketplace – Tapping this link will luanch the phones Marketplace app with a search scoped to the term “Lync”. There are several on here and maybe you want to download one or two to your phone.

I’ve also added icons to the RSS feeds for all of the Technet Forums. Though responding to questions might be challenigng via the phone, it is a great way to keep up with any discussions you are involved with as well as to browse and read any new questions and resolutions.

Finally, one or two new blogs have been added to the blog lists.

So far, Lync News has been downloaded 4,426 times.

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