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In Windows 8, you can automatically mount and use a .iso file simply by double clicking on it.

I am finally messing around with my 25 GB of SkyDrive storage I got with my Windows Phone. I wish it were integrated with Windows Live Mesh. I would probably quit using DropBox if that were the case. Safe to say, I am slightly confused about  what the point of SkyDrive is when Mesh does basically the same thing but with replication.

Doing some research, it appears that Mesh is a subset of SkyDrive. That’s great…except I can’t see any of those files when I look at my SkyDrive. This is dumb. If Mesh is a subset of Skydrive, why can’t I see my data all in one place? I can understand a 5GB-sync limit and anything up to 5GB in a special folder is all I can sync. But that isn’t the case. Have I already mentioned that this is dumb?

I did stumble across the SD Explorer software which lets you mount your SkyDrive on your PC. It works fairly well for those who live off of their SkyDrive. But until SkyDrive has the same file-sync features as DropBox, SugarSync, and others I wont’ be using SkyDrive.

I could use Mesh, but then I can’t see that data on my phone via the SkyDrive app.

This is dumb.

Updated: 4/23/2012: There is now a Dropbox-like client for Skydrive. Hooray! I will stop using Mesh now and everything will be visiable on my phone via SkyDrive.

Sadly I didn’t watch the game, but the USA beat Italy in soccer? Were there riots in the streets in Italy?

I watched the UEFA cup highlights show from this past week’s action. It was nice to see highlights of RSC Anderlecht vs. AZ Alkmaar and hearing Jozy Altidore and Sascha Klestjan played.

How is Hannover 96 in the UEFA round of 16?

If Indiana University could play all of their NCAA Tournament games at home, they would win the national title. As it is, they’ll be lucky to reach the Sweet 16. Next year the Hoosiers should be a dominant force (so long as Cody Zeller does the smart thing and stays at IU at least 1 more season).

Not a Cake


Covering a cake in fondant and sticking a few toys on top is not cake decoration. It’s cheating. Also, fondant is flavorless and sugary, thus distorting the flavor a real cake should naturally have.

Adding more sugar to a cake never makes it a better cake. You want to know how to decorate a cake? Get one of these and start practicing with real whipped cream.

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