I am highly skilled in 90’s Technology

Back in the 90’s I took a fair amount of Microsoft exams, ultimately ending up as an MCSE in Windows NT 3.51. I then quit taking any exams whatsoever until I passed 2 Lync exams over the past 6 months.

After passing both Lync exams, either Microsoft or Prometric kept creating new Microsoft Certified Professional accounts for me meaning my information was scattered in several places.

So I sent in e-mail in to the MCP folks asking if they could combine my 3 accounts into 1. Surprisingly they could do this. And shockingly it happened within 2 days. I am not used to this kind of personal touch and quick turnaround when dealing with the giant faceless monolith that is Microsoft. So kudos to that group.

Yesterday I saw my complete transcript of exams with Microsoft. The old school exams in the list are somewhat humorous. See the screenshot below for my accomplishments form back-in-the-day.

Anyone still running SMS 1.0?

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