Lync Response Group Service Limits

I found the following table in some dated Lync material. Half the time Lync is referred to as OCS Wave 14 so I hope this data is still relevant. I have never seen this table before so I thought I would share it. It lists what the limits are for various response group scenarios for Enterprise Edition or Standard Edition pools.


Per EE pool (with 8 FE servers) Per SE server
Incoming call per second 16 2
Concurrent calls connected to IVR or Music on Hold 480 60
Concurrent anonymous sessions (without IM) 224 28
Concurrent anonymous sessions (with IM) 64 8
Active agents (formal and informal) 1200 1200
Number of hunt groups 400 400
Number of IVR groups (use speech recognition) 200 200

Can anyone confirm if this data is still valid?

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