Clear out all Enterprise Voice Settings

In my Lync lab I often have to write scripts to automate the setting of Enterprise Voice values. In the process of doing this, I often need to reset my users to their base state, i.e. no Enterprise Voice values set.

So I set about and wrote this simple script to wipe out all of the Enterprise Voice settings of all of my users in my lab domain. This seemed to be a handy little script so I am posting it.

However, in order to help protect people from themselves, I’ve put in a few questions and warnings before the script runs. The hope is that these warnings and steps will help prevent someone from running this script within their production environment.

Because if you run this script in your production environment then you are very likely going to get yourself fired. Running this against a production Lync environment is pretty much a career ending move. I don’t have a copy of this script in our production domain. It only sits on one of my lab Lync VM’s.

Here is what the app looks like when I choose to bail out of the second fail-safe question:


So be careful and have fun – in your lab!

Download WipeoutEV script.

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