Lync Mobility Randomly (not) Working


This is what you want to see

We got hit up with an issue this morning that Lync Mobilty 2010 was not working for one of our 2010 pools. We were able to validate this and – as a side note – found that not many people are using it as we didn’t get hammered with tickets as we usually do with an outage.

We finally figured out that 2 of our Front End servers were jacked up. Rebooting them fixed our issues.

So how did we figure out which two of our Front End servers were failing? Open the following URL in your web browser, editing the server name for each host you want to test:

If you get a nicely formatted XML document returned, then you have no problem and you can move on to test the next server.

However, if you get a nasty IIS service issue, then reboot the server. We tried an IISreset and it didn’t work for us – but initially we were testing incorrectly so we rebooted a server or two that probably weren’t having a problem. So feel free to try IISreset first before punting the entire server.

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