Have an AudioCodes SBA? Check for Temp spam.

If you have an AudioCodes SBA, it may be worth peeking into your c:\windows\Temp directory.

AudioCodes has a Windows service named “BoaService”. This service collects the status of Lync Services and helps drive the SBA management page. This is the page you use when you initially configure the SBA. It looks like this:


There is an issue with earlier versions where AudioCodes didn’t clean up it’s log files. As such, there can literally be hundreds of thousands of log files sitting in your c:\windows\temp directory. These logfiles are the output of Get-CsWindowsService which the BOAservice runs every 5 minutes or so.

To fix this, do 2 things:

1. Run the following command form PowerShell to delete all of the logfiles. With luck, you’ll only have maybe 100 files in there. If you aren’t lucky, this command will run for a long, long time:

remove-item C:\Windows\Temp\Get-CsWindows* -verbose

2. Contact AudioCodes to get the latest version of their SBA management software. This fixes the issue for those of you who just discovered thousands of files in your Windows temp directory. Alternately, stop and disable the service. If, like me, you never need this webpage outside of initial configuration go ahead and save a little CPU and memory. Just be warned that with this service stopped that the SBA Management page won’t open.

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