UC Now v 9 Released

Not a ton has changed to warrant a full version update, but there is a major feature edition. (Also, I was at version 8.8 so at some point I have to make the jump, right?)

The big addition is the ability for you to remove modules that you’re not interested in. Prior to this release, you got the whole monolithic list of modules and you were stuck with it. Now, by going to the Explore module you can pick which modules you want and which you don’t.

You can find the Explore option by going to the menu and scrolling all the way to the bottom. From there, tap on the Explore option.


This brings up a list of all of the modules in the app. form here simply tap on the modules you no longer want to see in the main feed.

Once you’ve made your changes, click the back arrow on your phone and the menu will be updated. If you compare the first image with the one below, you’ll see that a bunch of modules (such as Windows Weekly) have been removed from the feed.

For those unfamiliar with the app, it’s a central point for things related to Exchange, Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams, and Office 365. In one place you can see the latest blog posts that have been published as well quick access to TechNet, Tech Community, YouTube Videos, Twitter feeds, etc.

Here is a summary of the changes made to the Android app:

  • Added ability to remove modules
  • Added Coffee in the Cloud
  • Fixed feeds for Microsoft Mechanics and Microsoft Unboxed
  • Added links to the Office 365 Driving Adoption website
  • Removed link to FastTrack Myadvisor
  • Shout out to those who provide feedback. In this particular update, thanks to Karuana Gatimu for additional site suggestions

The Android App can be found at this link.



*The poorly updating feed may be due to app caching. To try to fix this, go to Settings on your phone, then Apps & Notifications. Click on “>See all apps” and scroll down to UC Now. Click on the Storage option and then click on both “Clear cache” and “Clear Storage”.

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    • Fabrice BRIOUDES on 2023/01/09 at 14:49
    • Reply

    Hi Mister Flinchbot.

    I was a fan of your UCNOW Website and App but both doesn’t work anymore.

    Too sad….

    Hope UCNOW will be back soon 😉

    Many thanks

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