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Dynamically Editing Cisco ACL’s

This has been around a while, but I only ever found out about it a few months ago. There aren’t a ton of obvious articles about it on the Internet so I’m writing this mostly to have something for my own personal reference.  In short, do a “show access list XXX” to print out the …

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Colts v Bears

I like the website The guy does stistical analysis of all sorts of sports, and his college football stats are used as part of the BCS. Anyway, here is his strength assesment for the NFL: Indianapolis: #2 schedule in the NFL. Chicago: 30th. (THIRTIETH!) – the second EASIEST schedule in the NFL, and …

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10 Questions with Brian Ritchie of the Violent Femmes

10 Questions with Brian Ritchie of the Violent Femmes. The community was asked to submit questions to Violent Femmes Bassist/multi-instrumentalist Brian Ritchie. The questions are italicized and his answers are in bold. I can remember when I heard my first Violent Femmes album. It’s rare that I can remember exactly where I was the …

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Poke In the Eye; Sharp Stick

So I got poked in the eye with a sharp stick this morning. I can’t say I highly recommend it, but I can say that it’s not as bad as people lead you to believe. I got diagnosed (again) with histoplasmosis. My first bout was in 1997. At that time, the best medical science had …

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The life of a Singing Fish

If fish could sing, would they have written a song about bringing sexy back?