November 12 2015

Bell’s Week In Nashville

bells-logoBeing from Indianapolis, Bell's Brewery was easily available to me. I even made a roadtrip with some friends to their Eccentric Cafe in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

I've been a long time fan of Bell's Two Hearted, a fantastic American IPA. Having moved to Nashville several years ago, my access to Bell's was limited to trips home where I would occasionally buy some and bootleg it back to Tennessee.

So I was really happy to hear a few months ago that Bell's was coming to Tennessee. And after months of waiting, the kegs were tapped and Nashville is now enjoying their wonderful beer.

I attended two events celebrating Bell's apperance in Nashville. The first was a 9-tap takeover at Hops and Crafts who not only served as many flavors of Bell's as they are legally allowed, they went one better and sold pints of Bell's for half off.

Half off beer?

Yes, please.

Half off Bell's beer?

Oh hell yes!

I had three of the available nine on Teusday night:

Midwestern Pale
Christmas Ale
Special Double Cream Stout

I really liked the Pale and the Stout. Maybe it's because I'm not in a Christmas mind-set yet but the Christmas Ale left me wanting. IT was also nice to see a huge turnout. IT had to be one of the busiest Tuesday nights in their history. They had to stay open well past their regular hours because of how many people were still there at closing time.

WP_20151111_18_09_57_ProLast night I got to attend the industry event that Bell's sponsored. If half-off Bell's is great, free Bell's is even greaterer.

The serving size was half pints so when I say I drank all 6 available options then keep in mind that it only adds up to around 3 pints – though I had an extra serving of Two Hearted because yum!

Last night I had the following:

Two Hearted American IPA
Roundhouse Red Imperial
Oarsman Ale
Java Stout
Amber Ale
Winter White

I liked them all – barring the Oarsman as I am proudly on the anti-sour team. I'll drink a Berliner Weisse but please don't omit the Woodruff syrup. It's what makes that beer tolerable.

I was pleasantly surprised by the Amber. It wasn't as sweet as most ambers and had a nice grainy flavor to it. The Roundhouse was also notable.

With Bell's now firmly ensconced in Nashville, there is only one major brewery form my Indianapolis days that I still long for. It will be a long time before Three Floyd's sets up shop here. But until that day, the fine folks from Kalamazoo will ship their beer here and make my belly happy




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