November 12 2015


keep_calm_and_listen_to_the_albatross_beer_steins-r2d24c0abdef546b8b351e0a23ef8acc3_x7jsr_8byvr_1200I suck at homebrewing. I've tried and it rarely turns out.

I'm not sure why because I am amazing at everything else I do.

Having moved from a house into an apartment, I had a perfectly fine 5 gallon kit taunting me every time I went into my office. It was a mark of failure. My own little albatross.

A few weeks ago, for reasons I'll get into in a later post, I coerced my friend DJ to let me brew a batch at his house. Due more to his skill than my recipe, the beer turned out phenomenally well. Too well really.

That has inspired me to do some more homebrewing. But a 5 gallon batch is just impractical in an apartment. So I ordered a bunch of gear to be able to make 1 gallon batches. I hope that all shows up in the next day or so.

My hope is that I will brew much more than once every year or two. I think there are a lot of advantages to brewing nano-batches. 

  • It will be cheaper as there will be smaller amounts of ingredients needed to buy.
  • It will be faster to brew as heating up and cooling down 1 gallon of water is much faster than 5 gallons of water.
  • Because of the above 2, I will brew more often which will increase my skill to the point that one day I'll actually make a good batch on my own.

And because of all of this, I will eventually do a bunch of experimentation. It's in my nature. I cannot leave "well enough" alone. I must always tinker. 

Which means I will produce some putrid batches.

But dumping 1 gallon down the drain will be much less traumatic than dumping 5 gallons.

So what happened to my gear? I met an amazing couple recently at Hops and Crafts. They were clearly beer geeks of the finest sort. She knew her hops. Like really well. Hand her a beer and she will tell you with a certain amount of accuracy what hops are in the beer.

I mean, I like my hops but damn! It's like a parlor trick.

This couple homebrews. I asked if they wanted most of my gear. They immediately said yes. So last week I drove way outside of Nashville to drop off the 5 gallon kit

That albatross is gone.

Now I am eagerly waiting for the rest of my 1 gallon kit to arrive. Please get here soon.

I need a new albatross.

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