November 16 2015

Jackalope Snowman Stout

Jackalope opened their tap room early last Friday for the relase of their Snowman Stout. Since I'd had enough of work, I bounced out early to give it a taste. The taproom was a little lightly attended but once the clock struck four, the place was hopping with hardly a seat to be found. While waiting for a buddy to arrive, I read the recent Beer Advocate managazine that featured Jackalope Co-founder and Brewmaster Bailey Spaulding. WP_20151113_15_13_51_ProThe beer went really well with reading. It didn't distract and opened up nicely as it warmed up. I was hoping for more of a cocoa flavor from this beer. But as I'm not a huge coffee fan, I was OK with the hints of mocha that didn't overpower. In general, I think the flavorings could have been turned up 10%. But as is it's a fine stout.

And if you didn't think a tapping brought peole out, then let me give you this completely factual and made up stout: At least 66% of the people at the event had a stout in their hands. 

I skewed that stat down as my second beer was a barrel aged Bearwalker which was really good and reminded me that I need to go visit Jackalope more often.  I was completely unaware of this Bearwalker variant being available.

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