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I got a logo!

I’ve been using an androgynous cyborg as my icon for a few years now. It was simply one I found knowing one day I’d need a better one. I liked it because it was clearly a cyborg and it’s tough to tell if it is male or female. But since I didn’t create it, I …

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I got a book!

The initial draft of the book was 27, 343 pages long. The editors cut it down to a more reasonable size.

Self Portrait, Escher Style.

Self Portrait, Escher Style. I was in The Hague, Netherlands recently. The one place I absolutely had to go to was the M.C. Escher museum. On the top floor of the musuem they have aplayroom of sorts. As the picture shows, you can sort of replicate the famous M.C. Escher self portrait.