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Setting up Exchange Subscriber Access with Lync

I Googled around quite a bit and couldn’t find the instructions on how to set up a System Attendant. At least, that’s what we call it internally. Apparently the appropriate name is “Subscriber Access”. So I’ll use that term here. There is plenty of information about setting up Auto Attendants. But apparently no one writes about Subscriber Access because it is …

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Microsoft Lync News app available

I use my smartphone quite often to read news. Arguably, I get more news off the apps on my phone than I do from any other source. I’m also currently heavily involved with the Microsoft Lync product. And while there are plenty of locations on the Internet to keep up with Lync, it’s not so easy on …

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Long delays when joining Lync conference call

Here’s the situation: You have your Lync conferencing set up to require dial-in users to record their name before joining a conference call. After they record their name and hit the # key, they are stuck in limbo, waiting for up to 70 seconds to join the call. There is no hold music or any …

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