Ken Lasko did the technical review of this book.

So if something is wrong, I’d like to blame him.

But I won’t as my name is on the book and not his. As such, below is the list of corrections to the book.

  • Busy Options were added in June of 2017 and are not covered in this book.
  • The bug mentioned on page 187 (Reordering Dial In numbers) was fixed in the July 2016 Cumulative Update
  • As of CU7  (released in April 2016), Shared Line Appearance is available in Lync Server 2013.

Page 143 – The cmdlet at the bottom for the New-CsServerApplication is missing two hyphens and should read as follows:

New-CsServerApplication -Identity ‘’ -Uri -Critical $false -Enabled $true -Priority (Get-CsServerApplication -Identity ‘’).Priority

The missing hyphens are in GetCsServerApplication and Identity

The following are only valid for the paperback version printed before April 1, 2016.

Page 96 – The 3rd column in the tables are reversed.

Page 140 should read: Set-CsGroupPickupUserOrbit –Orbit “#333” –User

Page 145 – Missing hyphen before “BusyOption”

Page 145 – Hyphen should be before “BusyOption”, not after.

Page 146 – Missing hyphen before “BusyOption”

Page 146 – No period after “voicemail”

Page 147 – Missing hyphen before “BusyOption”

Pager 147 – Missing hyphen before “MissedCallForwardTarget”

Page 169 should read “Creating Dial In Conferencing Numbers”

Page 185 – Hyphen missing before “ScopetoSite”

Page 188 – Missing hypen in “skype4b-se”

Page 195 – Number should be +12223334444;ext=4444 and +12223334444

Page 250 should reference Figure 12-19 instead of 12-20

Page 253,257,258,259 should reference Figure 12-22 instead of 12-23

Page 290 – Figure 13-23 should have “+1615” in “Starting Digits for numbers that you want to allow” and ^\+1615 in “Match this Pattern”

Page 325 – Hyphen missing before “DialInConferencingRegion”