Tag: Powershell

Jan 06

Finding Unused PSTN Usages

I’m working on a little project to remove unused policies, dial plans, etc. frorm our Lync 2013 configuration. It’s all fairly straightforward to find policies with no users assigned to them. But PSTN Usages? Not so easy. PSTN Usages are a bit of a weird construct in the Lync/Skype for Business world. Forget that many …

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Dec 12

Lync Mobility Policy

Now that I have Lync Mobility installed and working, I’ve decided to dig in to the policy settings available. At some point, I am sure we will justopen this feature to all of our employees. But while it is still new, I want to limit the people who can use it. I don’t need a …

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Oct 17

Displaying Total Enterprise Voice Enabled Users

If you aren’t using this script to Retrieve Lync Connection Information then you should. It lets you quickly see what client versions are connected to Lync, how many connections your frontend servers have and how many total users are connected. All wonderful, useful information. You can even export all of the detail to a .csv file to …

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Oct 13

Make a Lync Phone Book

Had the idea today that I wanted to export a list of all users and their phone numbers. You know – just like a phone book. So I fired up Powershell, copied a bunch of other people’s snippets and came up with the following: Get-CsUser -filter {LineURI -ne $Null} | Sort-Object DisplayName | Select-Object Displayname, Registrarpool, LineURI | export-csv phonebook.csv Run that and …

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