Thompson Twins – A Product of Participation…/Set

YES! Some fine person copied his pristeen vinyl to MP3’s and shared them on the Internet. I found them on eMule, but other locations may have it.


I only ever had these albums on tape and they are great afro-influenced jams, definitely the best of the Thompson Twins when they were more interested in exploring music than serving bland dance pop (see their last two albums). These are the only albums to feature songs not sung only by Tom Bailey. The Thompson Twins had about 10 members in the band before dropping to the core trio for “Into the Gap”.

I converted my tapes to MP3, but the transfer was bad, hissy, and had serious EQ problems. These are solid recordings of long out of print albums where someone spent the extra 5 minutes making them as good as possible. Heck, the person even filled in the MP3 tags correctly.

I’m happy.


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    • rhythm fan on 2008/06/18 at 09:47
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    I just had the revelation of listening to a warbles copy on CD that I’d made from a duped cassette 20 years ago and long forgotten. I’ve been desperately trying to find someone with MP3s of this album. Thanks for the tip.

    • Mathias on 2008/12/13 at 11:18
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    Of course, now, this album is available on cd in a double set that includes the full album “A Product Of…” and extended remixes and previously unreleased songs.

    • Jean-Marc on 2009/08/13 at 01:32
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    The Thompson Twins were a trio before ‘Into the Gap’; on the previous album ‘Quick Step & Side Kick’ to be precise, in 1982/83.

    Sigh…I guess you had to be there ..

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