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Sunday night I was at an Open Turntable Night and one of my friends played a song by Clan of Xymox. The music geeks surrouding the table started a discussion of the history of Xymox. As so often happens, one person says Thing A and another person says Thing A is wrong and Thing B is actually correct. Debate ensues.


The debates revolved around not only the name of the first Xymox album but what was actually the first name of Xymox. Was the first record they put out released under the name Xymox or Clan of Xymox. After some heated debate, someone broke out a Palm Treo and referenced the Wikipedia article on Xymox. For the record, the first release was put out as Xymox (“Subsequent Pleasures”) yet the  first album they released was named “Clan of Xymox” and the band had officially prepended “Clan of” by this time as well.

From 1985-1987, they were known as Clan of Xymox, only to return to Xymox from 1988-1993. After 1993, they were once again known as Clan of Xymox. Whatever. I shall always refer to them as Xymox since it essentially covers both name derivations and then I don’t need to try and remember which album was released under which name.

Anyway, there is plenty ‘o (Clan of) Xymox to be heard this week on the I’m Smarter Than You Radio stream.

To listen, go to and click the link in the upper right.

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