Elevator Suite – The Wheel.

Elevator Suite

The Wheel
Pure Mint Recordings (12.03.07)

“Nothing is ever quite what it seems.” So insists ‘The Wheel’, the first single to be released from Elevator Suite’s self-titled second album. A sumptuous four-minute fusion of slick-heeled electronica and laconic, smoky vocals, the track is a pitch-perfect example of this critically acclaimed band’s ability to craft retro-minded slabs of chill-out pop that simultaneously soothe and psyche-up the soul. 
Following the tidal wave of radio-fuelled success and relentless press hype that surrounded their debut back in 1999, Elevator Suite fell foul of industry disillusionment and crumbling inter-band relationships, and parted ways with their then-label Mushroom in 2002. Now, having reconvened and recorded their most fully-realised piece of work yet, they reveal the seven-track ‘The Wheel’ single, which arrives backed by an indulgence of edits, remixes, and their stoner’s daydream interpretation of Beatles classic ‘Eleanor Rigby’.The virtuoso quartet of remixes come courtesy of globe-trotting bright young thing Alex Metric, hip and gifted Pure Mint-signing Michael Morph, sought-after production geniuses Crazy P, and Long Range – the celebrated new project by Orbital’s Phil Hartnoll. 

‘The Wheel’ is a hypnotic gem of a track comprised of hooks that only a neurosurgeon could successfully dislodge from the brain. It’s high time to pour yourself a drink, turn down the lights, turn up the volume, and let yourself go.



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