Michael Morph – The Crowd C’est Beau

Michael MorphMore free music to download, this time by Michael Morph. Feel free to download these two songs and enjoy them. Or not. The full EP is currently on rotation on the imsmarterthanyou.com streaming audio.



The Crowd C’est Beau
Pure Mint Recordings (1.14.08)

Über–hip DJ/Producer wunderkind Michael Morph hits the scene in a big way with ‘The Crowd C’est Beau’ – a bona-fide, dancefloor-pulverising tune of frankly monstrous proportions. Boasting a bass-line that could get a coma victim moving and a hook that’s twice as infectious as syphilis, sonic adrenalin rushes don’t come any purer or more arms-in-the-air indulgent than this.
Having initially honed his maestro’s ear while tinkering on his dad’s old Amiga, Michael soon found himself promoting and playing at a number of nights held in Nottingham’s now legendary Bomb Club. When not sharing stages with the likes of Plump DJs and Groove Armada, he spent his downtime in the studio with Tony Global, honing his talent for beats and basslines, and nurturing an eclectic and discerning musical palate that thrived on everything from indie and hip-hop to the burgeoning hardcore scene. At one point during the early years he even found himself selling gas door-to-door with Chris of Crazy P fame.The fruit of Michael and Tony’s studio labours was their debut release, ‘First of All’, which was greeted by a slew of ecstatic press reactions. Michael, however, subsequently came to the conclusion that, “I was a control freak and needed to do stuff by myself,” so he bought himself a computer. The rest, as they say, is history.‘The Crowd C’est Beau’ takes its name from an old garage cliché cemented upon the public consciousness by one Artful Dodger. The single comes complete with a mouth-watering, hot-to-the-touch set of remixes by Long Range, Crazy P, and Aquasky that re-imagine and reinvigorate the original.

Currently busying himself with the recording of an album from which we can expect “Big basslines, melodies, techo, house, breaks, and amalgamations of God knows what,” Michael is optimistic about today’s fractured musical climate and excited about the possibilities the future holds. “I don’t care what anyone says. There’s rarely a week that goes by where I haven’t heard some piece of music that totally blows my socks off.”

But then, perhaps wide-eyed optimism is a tad easier when you count Tom Cruise amongst your fans. Let’s hope the Scientologists stay away from this one…

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