Albums I liked in 2007

It’s not that they were all necessarily released in 2007 so much as I heard them in 2007. But for the most part, they were all released last year. I even took the time to sort them.

32 Crash - Humanity32 CrashHumanity: While it has a certain Front 242 feel (since Jean-Luc De Meyer handles the vocals) it certianly stands up on its own. Nice to know that some good crunchy EBM beats music is still being made.

Aereogramme – My Heart Has a Wish That You Would Not Go: It’s their last album and it is rather melancholy. It has some typically amazing Aereogramme songs. I will certainly miss this band.

Arcade Fire – Neon Bible: Not nearly as good as everyone says and the faux-Elvis vocals are a bit annoying. But it has a nice sound and flows along very nicely.

Black Francis BluefingerBattles – Mirrored: I may actually like their relase Tonto+ better but this is the one I listened to the most.

Black Francis – Bluefinger: I read where reviewers enthusiastically stated that this was the return to his former self, as if this was a new Pixies album or something. It’s not. Rather, its’ energetic and to me even has a slight rockabilly tinge to it.

Broken Social Scene Presents Kevin DrewSpirit If: It’s pretty tough to tell the difference between this album and a proper Broken Social Scene album. And I’m perfectly OK with that.

CSSCansei de Ser SexyCSS: They were all the rage in the blogosphere. I don’t see them being the next great thing, but they are certainly fun to listen to. However, I like my Indie-Dancy-Synthpop a little sillier. See New Young Pony Club.

Chemical BrothersWe Are the Night: This seemed to be a bit of a return to form for them. I like that classic reviewer text “a return to form”. The implication when that is used is that the past 2 or 3 albums sucked and they should sound like they did when they were a young band. That’s not what I mean here. I take it to mean more block rockin’ beats, fewer vocalists. Because their last 2 or 3 albums were also good.

EN – Alles Wieder OffenEinstuerzende NeubautenAlles Wieder Offen: To me, pretty much anything EN have done since about 1992 owns the world. So file this under “World Ownership”.

Happy MondaysUnkle Dysfunctional: While a tad uneven (translation: 3 songs too long), I really liked this album. I freakin’ love “Pills n Thrills n Bellyaches” and this album had a few songs in that vein. A total return to form (meant in the classic reviewer form of their last album or 2 sucked; nice to see they are back).

Justice – +: As most people, I first heard of them through the stupidly catchy D.A.N.C.E. song. I then heard the album and didn’t like it. But then I heard it ten more times and now I like it. Heck, right now there is a vague chance I may go see them in Vancouver in March. That should be some stupid fun.

KBC-On the BeatThe KBC – On the Beat: I have no clue about this band, but this album has good beats and good songs and is just plain enjoyable. It rocks in all the good ways. You should seek this one out and impress yor friends with your knowledge of obscure bands.

Kent – Timbaka till Samtiden: A friend turned me on to this Swedish band that falls into the shoegaze/melancholy/awesome vein. This album is a tad more synthey than previous albums but it’s still good. Now if I only new Swedish so I could understand the words.

New Young Pony Club – Fantastic Playroom: Indie Dance Synth stuff kind of like CSS above. Except these people are the Root Beer to CSS’ Whiskey. And I like Root Beer better than Whiskey. But I’m working on that.

Orb-The DreamThe Orb – The Dream: Talk about a return to form!

The Polyphonic Spree – The Fragile Army: I really, really like the first 3 songs on this album. The rest are pretty good too. I also got to see them in concert last year and that was completely worth my time too.

Psychic TV – Hell is Invisible Heaven is Here: It’s always nice to hear Genesis P-Orridge’s tired voice lamenting about something or other. This album is a bit different than what he has done lately as it’s has quite a bit of a stoner rock feel to it. But if Genesis is involved, it’s going to PTV - Hell is Invisiblebe at worst interesting, at best amazing. This falls a tad closer to the latter than the former.

The Rakes – The New Message: I know I dug this album but I can’t remember anything about it right now. Is that an indictment?

Red Light Driver – Drinks for the Delayed: This half studio/half live EP makes me want them to get done with their full album. Hit the studio boys!

Tear Garden – The Secret Experiments: I still don’t think you can buy this album. It was to have been released last summer. Who knows what is up with this, but it is by far the most experimental album the Tear Garden have ever put out and that is saying something. It’s really good. It needs to be released. I need to send someone money for this album.

The Thrills – Teenager: I had this on I’m Smarter Than You radio for a long time and eventually it came through my thick skull that this is a damn fun album.

UNKLE – War Stories: It seems that most people didn’t take to this album. Most people, therefore, are idiots.

White Stripes-Icky ThumpThe White StripesIcky Thump: I don’t know if this was particularly any better or worse than any other White Stripes album, but it sure is a nice listen.

The Young Gods – Super Ready Fragmente: Probably my most pleasantly surprising listen of the year. I haven’t listened to these guys in a long time and this new album was something I could listen to a whole bunch of times. It was smooth and powerful and calm and vicious all at the exact same time. It just oozed bad assedness.

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