2008 Album Review (Part 2)

This CoThis CoThis Co – A rather obscure find – finding information about them requires much more than a single Google search. This is a good link for background information: http://www.layabozi.com/2008/12/this-co-rock-from-down-earth/. As for the music, I like it. It is a dancey, coldwave sound that grooves pretty well. Good stuff. For reference, I like this better than the Van She record I write about 2 paragraphs down.   http://www.myspace.com/thiscorock Also, it’s a free download on their myspace page. WIN!

The Ting Tings - We Started NothingThe Ting TingsWe Started Nothing– This is a fun little record that sounds like an updated Blondie. It doesn’t solve any of the worlds problems. Unless, of course, the world is short on frivolous pop. This album is extremely catchy and I played it quite a bit. I think they are finally gaining traction in the US. Not that I listen to commercial radio at all, but I have heard the song in restaurants and in stores and other places that blare music in a vain attempt to set a mood. The song “That’s Not My Name” is the most ever played song on Flinchbot radio. So there’s that.

Van She - VVan SheV-For a band that is allegedly “electrorock” this album isn’t exactly electro and it doesn’t exactly rock. It’s a nice little album that picks up steam halfway through with the song “Strangers”. It’s a likable album but it’s not an album I will be clamoring to listen to over and over. It fits in well in the background.

We Are Scientists - Brain Thrust MasteryWe Are ScientistsBrain Thrust Mastery – I had it in my mind that I wasn’t going to like this album. I actually never really listened to it until just now and wow, this is really good. It’s total indie dance pop with often insanely catchy melodies. The music also rocks out where necessary and they bounce between straight up dance rock and one or two near-electronic dance numbers. Good album!

Wedding Present - El ReyThe Wedding PresentEl Rey – Another album like the Bauhaus one that came and went and I didn’t really remember it. And after listening to it just now, I know why. It sounds like any Wedding Present album, just fairly run of the mill. There are better Wedding Present albums out there.

Wire - Object 47Wire – Object 47 – Wonderful album from Wire. It’s like a locomotive that just charges ahead at full steam. It’s one of their best albums in ages and I’ve liked pretty much everything they’ve ever released. If you haven’t bought a Wire album in a while, this one is it. Takes 2 or 3 listens to get the hang of it but it’s completely worth it.

YukiYukiEponymous EP – A local band from Indianapolis with a penchant for shoe-gazing and introspection. What I like about this is that the songs don’t stay stuck in one sound for the duration. Parts are heavy, parts are  light and airy. The songs don’t overstay their welcome which is good to hear on a band’s first release. I look forward to hearing much more. http://www.myspace.com/yukimeow

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