Indiana Beer v0.5 Released

The first release of my app for Windows Phone 7 has been released. You can snag it from Windows Marketplace by searching for “Indiana Beer” or by clicking this link. Best of all, it’s a free app!

This is really a temporary app and will be completely replaced by a different version. As such, this is version 0.5 as it’s not really what I anticipate the first full version will be like. This one was thrown out there primarily since I got the datasources/XML completed and wanted to make that data available. So at this point it is just an AppMakr app but coding continues on a complete version.

This version has the following features:

  1. A listing of all Indiana Breweries/Brewpubs with complete contact information
  2. A listing of Growler fill deals, primarily focused on Indianapolis
  3. News Feed from, Hoosier Beer Geek, and Drinking Class.

The following features will be in future, full versions (and not necessarily in release 1.0):

  1. Mapping. Select a brewery/brewpub and it will show a map of the brewery.
  2. GPS Navigation. Once you select a brewery, get directions to it.
  3. Find Closest. One click gets you directions to the closest brewery/brewpub to your current location.
  4. Ratings/Reviews. I’d like to get this from or equivalent. When selecting a brewery, get ratings and reviews of their offerings.
  5. Twitter feeds. Get the latest tweets directly in the app.
  6. Graphics. It’s a pretty text-heavy app at this point.
  7. More RSS feeds. Got any additional news feeds you recommend be added?
  8. More Growler Fill deals.
  9. Hours of operation for each brewery.
  10. Click to Call. I already have the phone numbers, so why not make it easy to call them by tapping on the phone number?

I hope to have this version out around the same time as the Windows Phone Mango release. Not sure if I the app will be using any Mango-specific features. Live Tiles and things like that seem much more features of version 2.0 than 1.0

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