Lync CU4: 2 Items of Note

Lync CU4 was just released. I looked through all of the release notes for each patch and the following 2 items seemed of particular note.

1. You can now block file transfers with federated partners. I actually just looked into seeing how I could sell federation to our security department. But when I saw that you could not (easily) block file transfer for federated partners, I gave up. I am positive that our guys in security would insist that this feature be disabled. But now it looks like I can easily block federated file transfer so I may actually try to sell this now.

2. “Mobility Service”. What’s that? Is this an update required for the server piece of the Lync mobile client? I can’t say that definitively, but this service is mentioned in this tech note.

Sadly, the unsubstantiated rumor that the server-side of the Lync mobile client would be released as part of CU4 appears to be, well, unsubstantiated. I was *really* hoping it would be included as part of this update. But MS has consistently repeated the mantra that Lync mobile will be released by the end of this year so I guess I need to remain patient.

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    • Kressmark on 2011/11/22 at 02:16
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    Looks like a lot of PS commands were added in CU4, so maybe the rumors about the server-side of the Lync mobile is true after all. Check this for more details:

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