Lync News 1.9 Available

I just got the e-mail from Microsoft that version 1.9 of Lync News has been approved and published. It’ll take a little while still to make it to the Marketplace (most likely when I wake up in the morning). Here is the direct link to the app for Windows Phone and here is the Android link.

As of this writing, the app has been downloaded 4,112 times on Windows Phone and a surprisingly low 1,685 times for the Android version. I know this is wildly unscientific, but I would have imagined those numbers in the reverse. Maybe Windows Phone has a future…

There is only 1 new feature in this release:

Edited feed from Twitter for the #Lync hashtag to include @User.

I received a comment noting that the initial Twitter feed did not list the name of the users’s Twitter handle for any of the tweets. I dug around and found out how to do this and updated the app to reflect that. See – feedback works!

And for those keeping score at home, you’ll not that it appears version 1.8 was skipped. I think that is a reflection of my inability to properly title my blog entries than it does a skipped version number.

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