Lync 2013 Spell Check

Earlier today, the Microsoft Lync Twitter account released a tweet with the following image:


So this is great! The Update is available now too. So…uh…where is the update? Apparently it is part of an Office 2013 update. Remember, the Lync client is now being ruined handled by the Office team. So all you have to do is update your Office 2013 to the latest version.

Except, you can’t do this because of this:

For the second time in two months, Microsoft has temporarily pulled a software update after users reported that it inadvertently disabled some Windows features.

Microsoft Wednesday removed its Office Update 2013 (KB2817630), which was released Tuesday as part of the company’s regularly monthly release of patches.

So the only chance of getting Lync Spell Check immediately is to hope that you or your company has downloaded the buggy patch via WSUS and hasn’t removed it yet. Then you might be able to get it.

This is exactly the case with one of my contacts who was able to update and get the patch. His Lync client after the update now shows the following:

Lync Ver

He ran a test and just like in the @msftlync graphic, he got the same results:

Lync Spell Check

So keep hitting updates. Eventually the Office Team will release the patch again.

Update: Here is a link to download the update.

Except since Microsoft pulled the update, the links don’t actually work. At least it’s something you can now monitor to see when it goes live again.

Update 2: After installing this update, the tray icon returns to it’s initial Lync status of showing your state instead of the unchanging Lync icon that was introduced and immediately apologized for by the Office team during the last round of updates.

Update 3: The patch is available here:

Tom Arbuthnot has done an excellent write up:


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  1. We’re getting our colour-changing icon back?? Woo hoo!!

    1. Well THANK GOD FOR THAT. A most annoying “feature” of the last update.

  2. Thanks for the mention/link back. Great post here too

    • Mike on 2014/02/26 at 12:10
    • Reply

    I found a bug… Know an easy way to report it where it will actually get looked at? If you right click a word identified/underlined, it correctly suggests words. HOWEVER, if you move your cursor to the word using arrow keys and use the “right click key” on the keyboard between the right-hand ALT and CTRL keys, it suggest words for the PREVIOUS spelling correction that was made, NOT the word where the cursor actually is…

    FYI, version info: Microsoft(R) Lync(R) 2013 (15.0.4551.1007) MSO (15.0.4551.1007) 32-bit. Part of Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2013.

  3. I tried to replicate the bug but couldn’t do it. The “right click” button always showed the proper suggestions. Can you do a quick video/screen capture and e-mail it to me – – and I can forward it on.

  4. Mike – I was just able to replicate this error. This looks to have been fixed in the just-released Office 2013 SP1. I was able to replicate it on a client in my lab I hadn’t updated yet but can’t replicate it on the updated clients.

    • Mike on 2014/02/27 at 14:17
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    Thanks for the reply! I am not an administrator, just a user at my employer. I’ll check our s/w distribution system for SP1. Thanks again!

    • Mike on 2014/02/28 at 13:45
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    Have another question… In my older version of Lync, I had the ability to set it so that it didn’t show the message in the pop-up in the lower right of the screen, it showed who sent me a message, but didn’t show the message. In 2013 it shows the message and I can’t find a setting to diable that. I found a thread talking about it and it appears this can only be prevented by setting it to do not disturb… I hate the way MS takes away functions…

  5. I don’t think you can disable the toast notifications.

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