Microsoft should have been embarrassed that they publicly claimed support for virtualizing Lync 2013 but were incapable of providing guidance…until last week when they finally released their 14-months overdue white paper.

Why can’t school be like the real-world? If I could re-write my papers (aka – release them way late) that I wrote in college I so could up my college GPA from B- to a solid B!

Far too late to help us, we did get some tidbits of information out of Microsoft months before this paper was published. One of the main tripping points we came across is mentioned in the white paper as such:

Disable non-uniform memory access (NUMA) spanning on the hypervisor, as this can reduce guest performance

One of our environments was having all kinds of performance issues and disabling NUMA provided a clear boost to performance. As such, the following little meme flew around our office for a few days. Now that this guidance is official, I thought I’d share it with the rest of you.



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