LyncSCOM bug

Just a quick note. We have recently been receiving a lot of SCOM alerts like the following in our Lync 2013 environment:

Resolution State: New

Alert Name: [LYNC] Total number of Storage Service EWS Autodiscovery errors.


Source: LS Storage Service Component []


Last modified by: System

Last modified time: 3/4/2014 3:48:54 PM


Perf Object Name:

Perf Counter Name: LYSS – Total number of Storage Service EWS Autodiscovery errors.

Perf Counter Value: 186

Error Threshold: 25

Warning Threshold: 1

Consecutive Samples Repeat Count: 2


Please see the ‘Product Knowledge’ and the ‘Alert Context’ tab on Alert Properties view for more information.


[end of alert description]

These seemed odd because, though I am not at all involved in Exchange, our Exchange guys are sharp and would have caught a misconfigured autodiscover record.

Further, we do not do any archiving so why is a Lync Front End even bothering to check for EWS?

So I checked with my contact at Microsoft and he informed me that this is a bug and we should disable the alert. I don’t know (and don’t care!) if it is a Lync or SCOM error.


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  1. Is same as Event ID 32054 on the FE’s? If so these are the mobile clients, anyhow this is fixed in the Jan 2014 server udpate (CU4) see KB 2912341

    • JeffJ on 2014/03/06 at 06:17
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    CU4 did not fix the EWS alerts or the 32054 events for us so the rule got disabled.

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