UC Now v 8.8 Released

Every so often, the spirit moves me and I take the time to update the Android app that I have out there. And about 3 months ago, the spirit moved me. But I ran into a technical problem (brain malfunction) and I never was able to publish a version that didn’t immediately crash after launching.

A comment by bueschi got me to revisit this issue and as of this morning it’s fixed.

For those unfamiliar with the app, it’s a central point for things related to Exchange, Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams, and Office 365. In one place you can see the latest blog posts that have been published but also quick access to TechNet, Tech Community, YouTube Videos, Twitter feeds, etc.

Here is a summary of the changes made to the Android app:

  • Added a dedicated podcast section
  • Added All About 365 podcast
  • Added Collab365 podcast
  • Added Microsoft Cloud Show podcast
  • Added Microsoft Mechanics YouTube playlist
  • Added Microsoft Unboxed YouTube playlist
  • Added MS Cloud IT podcast
  • Added O365Eh! podcast
  • Added SQL Server Radio podcast
  • Added the Intrazone podcast
  • Added Windows Weekly podcast
  • Added Office365 Status Twitter link
  • Latest version of app framework so ostensibly bug fixes and performance enhancements

The Android App can be found at this link.

Here is a summary of the changes made to the Windows app:

  • Added Tech Community links
  • Added Skype Operations Framework link
  • Added YouTube video pages
  • Added Thought stuff video blog
  • Added Three 65.live link
  • Added Tech Community links for Office 365 and Teams
  • Updated link for Skype Dialing Optimizer
  • Updated link for UC Architects
  • Reorganized everything into groups to more quickly get to the technology you’re interested in
  • Latest version of app framework so ostensibly bug fixes and performance enhancements


For those interested in ios/Windows/Linux, there is not and there will not be a version of this app for those devices. Instead, please visit UC-Now.com.



  1. Hi
    Many thanks for the Android App. I can install the app now, but I don’t get the latest articles.
    Can you help me?

    Best Regards – Bueschu

  2. HI there Michael… the next time you do an update can you please add our Coffee in the Cloud show on YouTube for Teams & teamwork training for ITPro’s & Champions (https://aka.ms/CoffeeintheCloud) as well as the Driving Adoption forum on the Tech Community (https://aka.ms/DriveAdoption). That’ where we discuss governance, adoption, training and change management of all flavors for Teams and Office all up. Lastly we’d love a link to https://aka.ms/SuccessWithTeams which is our core product implementation guidance for Microsoft Teams including voice and SfBO to Teams migrations. Thank you very much!

    Karuana Gatimu
    Lead, Customer Advocacy Group
    Microsoft Teams Engineering

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