• Flinchböt is a cybernetic organism with state of the art destructive capabilites.
  • Flinchböt has no patience for the weak and the meager.
  • Flinchbot likes puppies.


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  1. I appreciated the uc now app on my Android device. Since About 10 days I did not get any updates. I tried to uninstall the app and doing a reinstall. Unfortunately I can’t find the app in the Google Play store.

    1. Grüezi! So after the last updates I made a few months ago, the app started crashing at launch and won’t start. I reached out to the framework developer (appyet.com) this morning for help. Hopefully I will hear back with a fix in a few days. Thanks for reaching out, I appreciate the nudge to get this fixed.

      1. The Updated UC Now app has been published to the google Play store. Give it a few hours for it to show up. Once again, thanks for the reminder to get this straightened out.

        1. Many thanks, the app is there again. Unfortunately the app does not work correctly, it doesn’t show me the latest articles, as I can see with the browser.

          1. Hopefully I fixed that. No clue really about the fix but manually refreshing the app on my phone finally showed the latest articles.

  2. Hi
    I can’t find the uc now app in the Google Play store. Do I something wrong or got the app retired

    Best regards – Bueschu

    1. Google Privacy Policy requirements. I thought I fixed it on the last build. Which I did. But I apparently needed to add a link to the Privacy Policy in the app description listing on the Google Play store. I just did that so the app should be available again soon.

    • Anon on 2019/06/03 at 03:27
    • Reply

    UC Now is not found in the Google Play store anymore (UK User)

  1. […] comment by bueschi got me to revisit this issue and as of this morning it’s […]

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