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In Windows 8, you can automatically mount and use a .iso file simply by double clicking on it. I am finally messing around with my 25 GB of SkyDrive storage I got with my Windows Phone. I wish it were integrated with Windows Live Mesh. I would probably quit using DropBox if that were the …

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I somehow get giddy when I come across an elevator whose “Close Door” buttons actually work. I’m not sure why they are disabled in most elevators. However, once I come across one where the buttons work, I make a point of pushing the “Close Door” button. I’m not entirely sure of the point of the “Open …

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Dear Websites who offer downloads:

Please stop with the automatic downloading of a file I’m getting from your website. It doesn’t work due to this message: Just give me a big fat button called “Click here” and I will do so. Thank you.

The life of a Singing Fish

If fish could sing, would they have written a song about bringing sexy back?