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New AudioCodes Logging Tool: It’s Sexy

AudioCodes recently released a new syslog viewer named, creatively enough, “Syslog Viewer”. For those who have been working with AudioCodes gateways and SBC’s for a while, then you are probably aware of the previous syslog viewer that AudioCodes provided to assist with logging. This was the “acsyslog120.exe” application which was very bare bones and came …

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Have an AudioCodes SBA? Check for Temp spam.

If you have an AudioCodes SBA, it may be worth peeking into your c:\windows\Temp directory. AudioCodes has a Windows service named “BoaService”. This service collects the status of Lync Services and helps drive the SBA management page. This is the page you use when you initially configure the SBA. It looks like this: There is …

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Calls Not Completing for user with “Non-Western European” characters

This topic has already been covered in Spanish here  and in German hier. I am just adding an English language version because I recently ran into the same issue and there is no blog in English about it. If I ever wondered why we buy support from gateway vendors, this issue validated it for me. We were …

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