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This week we’re going with the Thompson Twins. Discard your thoughts of lighthearted 80’s new wave pop. These guys were really damn good, though they kind of lost it during their later sell out period (the albums “Big Trash” and “Queer” sort of sucked). The highly overlooked “Close to the Bone” may have been their best. Unfortunately, no one really cared about the Thompson Twins by then . Too bad. But now you can hear the album “Close to the Bone” and numerous other Thompson Twins classics (and some less than classics).

Thompson Twins

I’ve also thrown in the Thompson Twins follow up project entitled Babble. By the end of Thompson Twins, the band was down to Tom Bailey and Alannah Currie. The two got married, moved to New Zealand, and  put out two generally excellent albums of moody, ethnic synth songs in the style that was popular in the early to mid-90’s (think Deep Forest, but with better songs and less cheese).

 After the two Babble albums, not much has been heard from them. It appears that Tom and Alannah have divorced each other and each one moved back to England. Tom Bailey released two albums under the name International Observer. The album “Seen” has been added to this weeks playlist as weel.

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