CNN Headline News Can Suck It.

I just swiped the image below from the CNN Headline News website. See anything wrong here?

CNN Headline News Website

Why are blowhard Glenn Beck and Nancy Grace prominently featured on the Headline News website? This is the channel that has (had?) the motto – Give us 30 Minutes, We’ll Give You the World. What the hell are Nancy Grace and Glenn Beck (not to mention Showbiz Tonight) going to give me in 30 minutes, other than opinions I could care less about? If they just sat there and were guest anchors, then fine. Work on your “brand” or whatever with cross promotion between the CNN mothership and the Headline News escape pod. But to put those actual shows on Headline News is absolute, unadulterated rubbish.

 I tried to catch up on the news last night by tuning in to Headline News. Glenn Beck was on. Immediately thereafter, my TV was off.

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  1. Funny how Glenn Beck never talks anymore about all those dogs he tortured and killed (pit bulls).

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