Category: Skype for Business

Oct 05

UC Now v 1.4

UC Now version 1.4 has just been pushed to the Windows Store. This version will work on Windows 8.1 and WIndows 10 along with Windows Phone 8.1 New to this version: Youtube channels for Exchange and Skype for Business/Lync Virtual Academy links for Exchange and Skype for Business/Lync The app can be downloaded here – …

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Sep 15

Jabra Evolve 30 MS Review

I was recently given this device for free from Jabra. Keep that in mind while reading the below review. ———- The Jabra Evolve 30 is an entry level headset in the Evolve line that Jabra released in October 2014. The Evolve series of headsets “…Boosts Productivity in Noisy Work Environments…”. Jabra also says that this line …

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Sep 10

Sharing Whiteboard with Federated Contact Could Fail

Quick note – Here is the scenario: You are set up so that everyone gets dropped into a Lobby before they can join one of your meetings. You have an IM conversation going with a Federated contact. You decide it’s time to add a whiteboard. So you add in a whiteboard but the remote federated …

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Sep 10

Plantronics Voyager Focus UC Review

I was recently given this headset for free from Plantronics. Keep that in mind when reading the following review. ———— My main complaint with the UC headset market is that all of the focus seems to be on maximizing the resolution and playback of voice audio. Now that is all well and good but it …

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Aug 28

Speakerphone Audio Quality Comparison

While there are a lot of reviews for Skype for Business certified speakerphones, I have never come across a review that lets you hear what they sound like. I took the three speaker phones I have (caveat: all given to me for free by the vendors) and made some recordings for you to hear. I …

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Jul 08

Have an AudioCodes SBA? Check for Temp spam.

If you have an AudioCodes SBA, it may be worth peeking into your c:\windows\Temp directory. AudioCodes has a Windows service named “BoaService”. This service collects the status of Lync Services and helps drive the SBA management page. This is the page you use when you initially configure the SBA. It looks like this: There is …

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Jun 24

Skype for Business Debugging Tools

Note: Updated 28 August 2015 to reflect changes in newer version. ———– I’m surprised no one has written about this yet. If someone has, please let me know and I’ll give you props and a link right up top. Until then…. The Skype for Business debugging tools are a replacement for the Lync Server Debugging …

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Jun 18

Sennheiser SP 20 ML Speakerphone Review

Just so you know, I was given this free from Sennheiser. Keep that in mind while reading. I work from home about one day a week. When working from home I use a speakerphone instead of a headset. For the past year or so, that speakerphone was the Plantronics Calisto P825-M. Yesterday I received the Sennheiser …

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Jun 17

My Whole World Has Changed

I had been using Yahoo! Pipes for over 3 years to drive the Lync News/Skype for Business News aggregator. About 2 weeks ago, Yahoo! announced that they were killing off this service in the August/September time frame. This caused me some consternation. Not because I didn’t see it coming – Yahoo! hasn’t updated the thing …

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May 21

Calls Not Completing for user with “Non-Western European” characters

This topic has already been covered in Spanish here  and in German hier. I am just adding an English language version because I recently ran into the same issue and there is no blog in English about it. If I ever wondered why we buy support from gateway vendors, this issue validated it for me. We were …

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