Displaying Total Enterprise Voice Enabled Users

If you aren’t using this script to Retrieve Lync Connection Information then you should. It lets you quickly see what client versions are connected to Lync, how many connections your frontend servers have and how many total users are connected. All wonderful, useful information. You can even export all of the detail to a .csv file to find out, for example,  who that user is that is still running the OCS client.

I’ve added my own touch to the script. We wanted to know how many Enterprise Voice-enabled users we have. So I added the following snippet to the script:

$Banana=(get-csuser -OnLyncServer -Filter {EnterpriseVoiceEnabled -eq $true})
write-host -foregroundcolor cyan “Total Enterprise Voice Enabled Users”
write-host -foregroundcolor cyan “——————————-“
“{0, -22} {1, 5}” -f “Users……………”, $banana.count
write-host -foregroundcolor cyan “——————————-“

Of course, $Banana is a terrible name for a variable but hey – it’s my addition and I can use whatever variable name I want!

So simply copy and paste the above code into the script, right above the last line (Write-Host -ForegroundColor Green “Query complete`r`n”). Below is what it looks like when run.

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