Statistics Manager PowerShell Module

While troubleshooting one of my Statistics Manager agents that wouldn't connect to the Statistics Manager service, I was missing PowerShell. I ended up having to manually dig up the config files to ultimately find my error (Missed the port on the Statistics Manager URI).

So I wrote a fairly simple PowerShell Module to help manage a Statistics Manager Agent.

Here are the cmdlets that exist in the module:


  • Lists the current Agent configuration


  • Shows the current encrypted password. Compare this with another working agent to see if you typed in the password wrong during install.


  • Along with the "-ListenerURI" parameter, changes the current ListenerURI. The ListenerURI is the path to the Statistics Manager server, such as


  • Along with "-Thumbprint" parameter, changes the current thumbprint. This is useful if you change your Statistics Manager certificate or copied the thumbprint wrong while running the install.


  • Restarts the Skype for Business StatsMan PerfAgent. Useful to run after changing the Thumbprint or ListenerURI.

To use this module, copy it somewhere on your server. Be sure that your PowerShell ExecutionPolicy is set to unrestricted as this isn't a signed PowerShell module/script.

Open a PowerShell windows as Administrator.

Type the following into the PowerShell window:

Import-Module c:\temp\StatsManager.psm1

(Assuming you copied the module to c:\temp)

At that point it should work fine.

Please leave feedback. Feel free to update it or suggest improvements.

You can download the module by clicking on this link.

I will be updating this soon to support variable paths so that it will run against remote servers. I'v eintended to do that this week but I've been to busy to get that done. I probably won't get to it for a week or so. Therefore I went ahead and released it now.

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    • Hareli Dudaei on 2020/03/26 at 08:15
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    thank you,
    I can’t find the module in the link,
    can you send me?
    thank you

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